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Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you are well. Here you will find access to my hard science fiction novel, Islands in the Void. Its AI Captain awaits to take you along for the journey.

My Physics Theory
Neutral Theory:

The dawn of the universe, the big bang, the place where Einstein’s theory breaks down, [Neutral] Theory begins with nothing; a volume of nothing, vast in size beyond comprehension, even when compared to the size of our known universe today. This volume of nothing, this element of nothing, a pure nothing that can no longer be found in our universe, this understanding the nature of, Nothing, expresses how our universe came into being, Neutral Theory, provides the understanding of how this, Nothing, turns into Everything.

This website has an abbreviated version of my physics theory, [Neutral] Theory. It is a theory of how our universe came into being from nothing/Neutral. How our universe had the gravity to create particles before any particles had come into existence in our universe. How the wave function of particles relates to waves that saturate our universe and establihes the speed limit for the Speed of Light, and much more!

My Science Fiction Novel
Islands in the Void:

Imagine: an AI has been monitoring your every breath since your birth, every step, every bite of food, every word, every bit of information you have had access to, it knows the sum total of this information, your total life, as well this AI has a comprehensive database of practically all known information, you can ask this AI any question you desire, this AI is your companion on an interstellar journey, it has been a long Journey, you were born a little over 18 years ago, your parents started this journey years before you were born, in some ways this AI is your best friend, your closest confident, it is your cheerleader to your goals, adviser to your strategy, rational, reasonable and consistently optimistic, its advice is fantastic, over your lifetime you’ve grown to trust this AI, its predictions are accurate beyond the intuition of an oracle, But today it tells you to follow its instructions precisely or you’re likely to die.


Pollution tax - what it is, and how it should be used. If it was implemented, pollution tax would dramatically reduce many types of pollution globally, while profoundly supporting cleaner energy and manufacturing. The income generated from pollution tax would also allow the removing of income tax for all those that are not high-income earners.

Minimum Wage Import Tax - This is a tax on the estimated value of labor of imports. It is designed discourage low wage policies as a means of achieving a competitive edge by foreign governments. Consequently, it could change the low wage politics of these governments, improving the quality of life for people at the lowest levels of income around the world. Implementing this tax would dramatically support the foundation of wages while creating the government revenue allowing the removal of income taxes for those that are not high-income earners in the taxing nation.

The big bang is caused by the implosion of vacuum energy in a volume of empty space over a trillion times larger than our known universe today. This concentration of energy becomes the catalyst of our universe.

Mass must have the ability to come from nothing, or everything could not exist. This nothing is [Neutral]; it is absolute nothing. [Neutral] has measurable distances within it and through it. [Neutral] is space, and a given quantity can be measured in terms of volume. [Neutral] is interspersed within everything except [Super-Gravity] objects, i.e. [Total Black Holes].

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The AI captain informs select members of its crew: they are not alone, a hostile force approaches, no escape is possible; it has a plan, then requires them to keep the secret.

Islands in the Void opens with the Evolution Fulfillment approaching its 22nd year of this journey. It is on this peaceful and successful island of humanity, far from anyone, deep in the vastness of space, where they must come to terms with an unsettling reality: They are not alone, they are not safe, they are not armed, and they are not fast enough to get away. A problem is coming to them, and they cannot escape. Now they must intelligently use the technological resources of this unique spacecraft in order to survive.

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Robert R. Senger

Fire Fighter, Theorist & Author
Robert Senger

Robert Senger was born in Los Angeles and spent his childhood in Woodland Hills, CA. The first time he attended college he dropped out, but it wasn’t a big deal because he was still in high school at the time.

“Time is the currency of truth; how Time is spent describes the truth of an individual, an organization, or society at large.”

Robert R. Senger

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Pollution Tax Revenue System & Justice Taxation

A way to internationally approach the pollution problem while generating revenue for the participating governments.

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Minimum Wage
Import Tax

A way to domestically protect the value of labor while simultaneously generate revenue for the implementing government.

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